About Us


Genenergy is an energy business that has energy saving at the heart of everything it does. Whether your company is looking to save energy through a more competitive procurement plan, or you are wanting to see where and how you can save energy with the minimum of investment or you thinking about generating your own electricity and heat at a fraction of your current costs, then Genenergy can assist you.

Why is Genenergy different?

Do you understand where you are using the most energy in your business? Are you fed up with people telling you to switch energy suppliers, as a quick solution to your energy usage? Do you really understand why you are being offered energy saving technologies by energy /renewable energy companies? Do these companies ever offer to save you energy first?

In most cases my experience has been that people often answer NO to the above questions and is the reason I established Genenergy to make a difference in today’s energy market place. Genenergy puts the client and business first, creating energy savings, and energy recommendations based on clear researched evidence.

Genenergy is built on ethos of identifying energy savings first and foremost, with improvements in energy efficiency and energy generation following on. To that end, Genenergy will conduct a FREE Energy Audit that will save you money on your energy bills with simple, often zero cost solutions.

NO other Energy company offers this service in the South West

  • A  comprehensive, ‘walk through’ energy audit.
  • Save first: Genenergy will look to SAVE you energy first through how and what you use currently, often a zero or minimal cost
  • A unique offering and service in the South West: Genenergy not only know how to measure and account for your energy usage but has a wealth of experience and knowledge in Combined Heat and Power, back up generation, renewable technologies (biomass, solar PV, ASHP,GSHP), LPG, LNG and mains gas.
  • In-depth Report: The audit will result in a full report on the energy usage in your business with recommendations that have been budgeted and planned over the coming months and years.
  • Long lasting relationships: Genenergy creates long-lasting relationship with its clients. Something often lacking in today’s energy market place.
  • We know someone who can: We don’t profess to be experts in all energy applications but we definitely know the best place to recommend you too if we don’t.

Who should use our services?

Genenergy was established to offer the energy management services enjoyed by larger companies and groups, to the Small and Medium sized Enterprises market (SME’s). From my own experience, knowledge and research with colleagues the SME market is falling behind in its energy management practices and consequently crucial financial savings in their businesses:

  • The larger energy companies do not see you as a profitable market and often lack the energy solutions you require.
  • SMEs are often not in the position to employee a full-time energy manager, due to cost.

The result of this is that your business is not gaining the financial savings enjoyed by larger companies at a time that those savings are crucial to your overall competitiveness and your ability to effectively use those savings on your core business.